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Dreaming Big: Surround Yourself with Big Dreamers.


I can vividly remember that as a child, I had a lot of big dreams, from becoming an air hostess, to the best ballerina in the world, to becoming a space engineer, an author, singer etc, I dreamed that anything and everything was possible. A lot of our dreams as children were not only limitless, boundless, imaginative but also very big dreams. Along the way, our dreams were re-sized, re-shaped and shelved due to by multiple experiences.

 This year as I celebrate my 40th year of existence- I am inspired to dig deep and find me. I have many why questions in my mind and scattered thoughts on my purpose on this mother earth. What is my purpose on earth? Of course I have a rough idea that I regularly clarify. But am I exploiting my full potential? What is limiting me from fulfilling my God given destiny? Am I making a living or designing a life?

I have listened to countless sermons about challenging ourselves to dream big but none had inspired me as the story that I read a few weeks ago. In the article, the writer shared the story of Walt Disney and his dream of building Disney World in California. Walt would take his daughters to a nearby park on Saturday and give his wife some time to rest. I hope fathers; see this as the time when you commit to supporting your wives more. Walt was troubled about the fact that there was not much to do with children on a Saturday afternoon and voila we now have that great big empire born out of a simple dream. It is amazing how sustainable enterprises are those that emerge out of the need to solve a problem. That is a subject for another day.

Recently I read with holy envy the story of a young woman entrepreneur, 30 year old Maxima Nsimenta, who is the CEO and founder of a growing cosmetic line-Livara. She shared how her dream was nurtured by among others her grandmother a re-known business woman. Without digging deep, it is easy to conclude that her big dreams were nurtured by an enabling environment.

It seems to be then that for us to nurture our big dreams we need to surround ourselves with equally big dreamers. I am privileged to have a partner who is a big dreamer. In fact I could say that I tend to slow him down sometimes. This year though I have become intentional about my circle of influence. I am also taking lots of time to sit at the feet of phenomenal women and men to tap into their words of wisdom. I have purposed to read 40 books this year and hope that by the time I am done, the sky will be limitless.


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