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Leadership: You can’t give what you don’t have


Uganda is engulfed with growing public outcry and heightened conversations about the deteriorating state of leadership at all levels –family, community and national. It is a known fact that the prized values cherished over the years like integrity, authenticity, service, courage, and nationalism are grossly lacking in many of our current leaders.

At the national level; the President, cabinet, parliament and the judiciary have been severally condemned for having lost it. So to speak in today’s lingo. For instance the 10th parliament in comparison to previous sessions has fallen to record lows. The political parties seem to be walking on a very steep slippery slope to disintegration. The civil society is grappling with questions of legitimacy and transparency. The religious leaders have not fared any better, in that they are re-defining holiness.

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Dreaming Big: Surround Yourself with Big Dreamers.


I can vividly remember that as a child, I had a lot of big dreams, from becoming an air hostess, to the best ballerina in the world, to becoming a space engineer, an author, singer etc, I dreamed that anything and everything was possible. A lot of our dreams as children were not only limitless, boundless, imaginative but also very big dreams. Along the way, our dreams were re-sized, re-shaped and shelved due to by multiple experiences.

 This year as I celebrate my 40th year of existence- I am inspired to dig deep and find me. I have many why questions in my mind and scattered thoughts on my purpose on this mother earth. What is my purpose on earth? Of course I have a rough idea that I regularly clarify. But am I exploiting my full potential? What is limiting me from fulfilling my God given destiny? Am I making a living or designing a life?

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Who are your ride or die friends?: Keys to cultivating lasting friendships!

At a recent gathering of leaders, we were challenged to consider whether in our life journey, we have intentionally cultivated relationships with at least four people who we would consider our do or die friends. Ride or die friends are the kind who will be present by your side at the most critical of moments. The kind who will defend you in your absence like their life depended on it. The kind who will not fear to tell the truth as it is when necessary.

They’re the ones who are there through thick and thin, over months and years and decades, across miles and surrounded by memories. That kind of deep, lasting friendship is one of the most beautiful gifts in life.

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