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Dreaming Big: Surround Yourself with Big Dreamers.


I can vividly remember that as a child, I had a lot of big dreams, from becoming an air hostess, to the best ballerina in the world, to becoming a space engineer, an author, singer etc, I dreamed that anything and everything was possible. A lot of our dreams as children were not only limitless, boundless, imaginative but also very big dreams. Along the way, our dreams were re-sized, re-shaped and shelved due to by multiple experiences.

 This year as I celebrate my 40th year of existence- I am inspired to dig deep and find me. I have many why questions in my mind and scattered thoughts on my purpose on this mother earth. What is my purpose on earth? Of course I have a rough idea that I regularly clarify. But am I exploiting my full potential? What is limiting me from fulfilling my God given destiny? Am I making a living or designing a life?

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